Ventilation Solutions

Long-range one-way or reversible 400ºC/2h and 300ºC/2h jet fans

300°C/2h and 400°C/2h long-range one-way or reversible jet fans with a circular (THT/IMP-C). octogonal (THT/IMP-L) or octogonal painted (THT/IMP-O) design.

- One-way or reversible fan unit including fan. silencers. deflectors and support. approved for smoke extraction in accordance with standard EN 12101-3. with certification no.: 0370-CPR-1363 (F400) and 0370-CPR-0822 (F300).
- Adjustable rotors made of cast aluminium and designed to produce great thrusts.
- Anti-contact protective grille pursuant to standard UNE‐EN ISO 12499 in one-way models.
- Deflector to increase the air range on the discharge side. Reversible models are fitted with deflectors on both sides.
- High attenuation silencers with thermal and acoustic insulation.
- IAT series safety switch built into the fan (THT/IMP-L and THT/ IMP-O) or on request (THT/IMP-C).
- Airflow direction from motor to impeller or 100% reversible.
- THT/IMP-C: Circular casing in painted sheet steel.
- THT/IMP-L: Galvanised sheet steel casing.
- THT/IMP-O: Painted steel casing.
- THT/IMP-LS: Short length galvanised sheet steel casing.

- Class H motors. S1 continuous operation and S2 emergency use. with ball bearings. IP55 protection and 2 speeds.
- Three-phase 400V-50Hz. DHALANDER
- Maximum temperature of air to be carried: S1 continuous operation -20ºC +40ºC. Also suitable for hot climates with temperatures up to 50ºC. S2 operation 300ºC/2h. 400ºC/2h.

- Anti-corrosive finish of polyester resin polymerised at 190ºC. previously degreased with phosphate-free nanotechnological treatment (THT/IMP-C. THT/IMP-O) or with a galvanised sheet steel anti-corrosive finish (THT/IMP-L).

On request:
- Thrust features different from those indicated.