Ventilation Solutions

Low-noise. in-line duct extractor fans mounted inside a 40 mm phonoabsorbent acoustic insulated casing

- Acoustic wrapping coated with phonoabsorbent material.
- Impeller with jet impeller blades except models 100-125-150- 160-200/H. with multi-blade impeller.
- Standardised suction and discharge flanges allowing for easy installation in ducts.
- Fitted with a folding inspection cover. except models 100-125-150/L-160/L
- Support feet built into the box. for easy installation.
- Linear airflow direction.

- External rotor motors with built-in thermal protector. class F. with ball bearings. IP54 protection.
- Adjustable. single-phase 230V 50Hz/60Hz. Maximum temperature of air to be carried: +50ºC.

- Anti-corrosive galvanised sheet steel